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João Rocha
Not really an artist. Not really a programmer. Not really an engineer. Not really anything. Just a bit of everything.

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My backlog on the Nintendo Gamecube had been gathered by preying on every opportunity I had to buy cheap games that seemed even minimally interesting. They could appear on eBay auctions, or perhaps on videogame store clearance and used bins. It wasn't very hard to get games for the Gamecube at a low price around 2004-2005. The console was never very popular in Europe, so it was easy to find people and businesses trying to get rid of overstocked games. More for me, I guess.

By the time I was done with collecting Gamecube games, I had amassed over 100 of them - something perhaps surprising for many gamers who skipped Nintendo on that generation on account of many high profile games not receiving Gamecube ports. Well, believe it or not, all of those 100+ games were quality releases worth being played - I do make my research, after all.

All that was left, was to actually play them.

It's a funny feeling, really. Having too much of a thing in your hands can really make stop valuing it - almost the same way that happened back when I pirated games. This feeling of devaluation was not as bad as it had been in my younger years, but it was aggravated by something new - the guilt of waste. The feeling of having spent all that money in those games (even if they were cheap) and not taking anything from it gnawed at the back of my mind from inside my brain. This was not acceptable and not sustainable.

I made it a personal goal to expeience all of the games I had purchased, even if it was just to be able to say that I didn't enjoy them (I wouldn't complete them, in those cases). It took me a whole year of consistent gaming and containing my game hoarding instincts to get through my whole Gamecube backlog, but I did it, and I could proudly say that I had experienced the best that Nintendo's console had to offer - one of the few people to have done so in my country.

By the time I finished with the GC, the DS was in full bloom and the Wii was about to come out. Nintendo fan that I was (and still am, for better and for worse), I purchased them both. Games were no longer cheap, though, so I never purchased so many as too outpace my gaming speed, even considering that my son was born at about that time, severely cutting down my free time.

But the backlog hadn't disappeared forever. Its remains lurked, waiting for the right time to return with a vengeance, from the apparently least likely place: the machine on top of my desk...

(To be continued...)

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Pony Portrait
Idea contest prize: Powder Keg by MykeGreywolf
Idea contest prize: Halo Prime by MykeGreywolf
Luna Portrait for Emofuri by MykeGreywolf
20,000 Pageview Kiriban Reward 2 by MykeGreywolf
Fully detailed, colored and shaded portrait of a single pony character, with basic background.



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WhiteKrystal Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hello, I found that :iconsora1151: is copying some of your art (pose challenge)
MykeGreywolf Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I don't mind, it's not like those poses are copyrighted or anything. It's actually kind of flattering!

Thank you very much for the heads up, though. Have a llama! :)
WhiteKrystal Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Oh ok c: Thank you  !
ashbasher22 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Early Birthday, want to draw a pic for me please. :D hope you have a awesome one. :D
MykeGreywolf Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago
You do know that it's bad luck wishing happy birthday before the actual date, don't you?

If you want to draw a picture for yourself, go right ahead, there's nothing stopping you. ;)

And thank you for hoping that I have awesome pictures, that is very kind and optimistic of you! You can go to my gallery right now and see if that is the case.
GladiatorRomanus Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the :llama:
MykeGreywolf Featured By Owner 2 days ago
You are quite welcome! :3
Lavenderine Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Do you do art trades?
MykeGreywolf Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
Perhaps; What do you have in mind?
Lavenderine Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Would you be interested in drawing my pony oc paranoia?
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