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BabsHood by xormak
by xormak

*phew* Let's begin this. It is patently visible that you put in a lot of effort into this, and that you're trying to get out of your co...






João Rocha
Not really an artist. Not really a programmer. Not really an engineer. Not really anything. Just a bit of everything.

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Manga Studio (or Clip Studio Paint, whatever name suits your fancy) is an awesome, but very weird beast. Born in Japan for use by manga and doujinshi artists, it's setting out to conquer the world by way of its complete feature set for digital illustration and excellent brush engine. Taking advantage of the void left by SAI's developers' tardiness in updating their aging software, it's getting very popular among western artists who get frustrated with SAI's limited feature set.

However, it must be said that, in its current version, Manga Studio's english-translated version has a terrible weak point in something that should be precisely its biggest strength: its lettering engine. It seems like it was conceived exclusively for the japanese language, and even though many translated versions and updates have been released, it continues to be sub-standard when used with western fonts. All the kerning information in font files is ignored, resulting in possibly uneven, possibly awkward letter spacing - something that is not an issue with fixed-width japanese fonts. You can probably spot a few instances of this happening in some of my recent works that include word balloons. There are a few comic fonts that specifically try to avoid this kind of problem, and if you use Manga Studio, I recommend trying these out:…

However, I recently discovered something that beats this for WTF'ness, in regards to the way Manga Studio handles canvas resolution and fonts. I found out that when working in canvases with high pixel density settings (150 dpi or more), Manga Studio totally screws up font scaling, resulting in awful looking text with completely nonsensical letter spacings. I found this out after setting the pixel density to 300 dpi for a piece that was meant for print - this setting became default, and from that moment on, all of my text came out looking weird. I didn't understand what had happened, and was almost considering totally giving up on Manga Studio for lettering, when I had the inspired idea of trying out turning the pixel density down to the minimum 72 dpi for a new canvas. Miraculously, font scaling started working properly again, and though not perfect, the lettering is now perfectly tolerable for most purposes.

Here is an example for show, using the popular Anime Ace font:

600 dpi canvas:
 Captura de tela 2014-09-20 02.09.26 by MykeGreywolf
72 dpi canvas:
Captura de tela 2014-09-20 02.09.31 by MykeGreywolf
So here's the general advice for Manga Studio users: if you want to use it for lettering, remember to set the canvas pixel density to one of the lowest settings. You don't need a specific value for that parameter anyway, unless you're thinking of sending your work to a print shop. If that is the case, you can change the dpi value for the finished file in some other image file management software such as XnView.

Now, let's hope that the kerning issue is solved in a soon-to-come update, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.
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Streaming a trade piece for Moenkin. Feel free to join me if you don't have nothing better to do.

As usual, free sketches at the end if I have time and energy.
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Some artists try to spur and inspire others to work with a "no pain, no gain" mindset, if they ever want to make it big. How would you describe this stance on art creation? 

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here she is! I used ms paint so it is less blurry
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She looks excellent, thank you for your effort!
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