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Unfortunately, this was still not the right opportunity to remain in Portugal, and so, I reluctantly made the trip across the Atlantic to Brazil, where I'll be staying for a while more. Here's hoping that I'll be able to go back before long, and that this time it will be for good.

But hey, I'm back to my "cave", and to all my drawing hardware and software, which means that I'll be able to keep on creating stuff for you to enjoy, and pursuing my aspirations of becoming a proper freelance digital illustrator. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I'm now active on Instagram, so if you're into that, you can find me at…

I really hope you all had enjoyable holidays! Now let's get back to work. ;)
A few hours from now, I'll be flying to Portugal, looking forward to spend the holidays with my family after 3 years away from home. Since I'll be leaving much of my digital art software and hardware behind, this means that my output will be residual during the next 5-6 weeks, and since I won't have broadband Internet access while I'm there, I won't be able to do streams at all.

While I do hope that this break will help me recharge batteries and alleviate the anxiety and depression that have been building up inside me over the years I've resided in Brazil, I will also try my best to use this trip to find new paths that will enable me and my family to move back to Portugal for good, without compromising our sustainability as a family or my ability to bring you new artwork. I'll update you on this front in due time. ;)

I will still be responding to comments and notes here, on Tumblr, and on all of the usual places.

To each and all of you, I wish happy holidays, and for you to make the best of your time with your loved ones, during this and all seasons.

Thank you so much for your support and for validating my efforts by enjoying my work. :)
faogwolf is an artist whose work I have admired for a long time, and who, regardless of the niche quality of his subjects, I feel is deserving of much more attention than he has been able to gather so far. He specializes and excels both in furry/anthro characters and the portrayal of muscle mass and definition - two things that may not be everybody's cup of tea, but are certainly up my own alley. ;) I've had the privilege to trade art with him before, and I certainly would like to be able to work with him again in the future. His style is cute but containing a sharpness that hints at "badassness", and his excellent coloring and shading expertly convey the shape and size of powerful musculature as well as other more conventionally feminine forms.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces by him, which I feel are representative of his recent work. I hope you enjoy it, and if they appeal to you, please consider giving him a watch! Thank you for your attention.

Marina by faogwolf
Liz Birthday fan-art gift by faogwolf
Psiquic Ram by faogwolf
Double scoop Aranda by faogwolf
Lahere sith cosplay by faogwolf

Okay, it’s time to bring out the big guns!

Since my attempts to mobilize my watchers to help my friend LilWolfStudios (Kira) have been mostly fruitless, I suppose it’s time to offer people more incentive to be generous. Therefore, and since I know that many people have been waiting for me to open up commissions, I’ll be holding auctions for three commission slots. I know that many of you don’t like auctions, but right now, it’s the only way I can think of to get people to help Kira with the generosity her situation demands.

Please read the following rules first, then my Commission Information Sheet before bidding:

- The bid you make is an offer for the price of an SFW, fully detailed, full body, single character drawing. If you win, you’ll still be able to request any extras and options, but the additional charges described in my Commission Information Sheet will be added to your offer (+75% for each additional character, +25% for NSFW, etc). Considering the exceptional nature of this auction, only options that add to the price will change the final price you'll be charged.

- The auction will run for three days after the publishing of this journal entry.

- Contrary to my usual practice, I will ask for payment immediately after receiving the specifications from the winning bidders. This is an urgent matter, and it can't wait until I'm ready to work on each piece. I don't play around with my reputation, so be assured that I'm good for executing the requests as soon as feasible.

- Pieces will be executed in decreasing order of paid amount.

- This auction is being held with the sole purpose of helping Kira and her 2 children to move to a safer location. She still needs plenty of money to be able to afford it, so... please, please be generous, and don’t bid if you can’t pay at the moment the auction ends!

Please bid here:




Thank you so much for helping me help others, and for your continued preference and patronage. :)

My friend LilWolfStudios (Kira) has been in kind of a pickle for quite a while, and now has the opportunity to escape it - but she needs our help!

For a good while now, she's been forced to share her place with a toxic partner, who constitutes a big health and safety risk to both her and her two young daughters. Having to rely on this person for her subsistence, Kira has spent the last few years walking on broken glass. and trying her best to keep herself and her children out of danger.

Just this last week, she came across an unique opportunity to move away from this environment to one that is far away, close to the support of her own family, and that she sincerely believes would allow her and her kids a new chance at having a life free of fear of this person. However, this opportunity demands quick action, and this action requires a certain amount of money that Kira, jobless at this time, isn't able to gather by herself at this time.

I'm writing this to appeal to my watchers empathy and generosity, and get them to at least look at Kira's GoFundMe fund raising site, and if possible at all, contribute at least a little bit to her moving effort and for a brighter future for her and her children. If each of my watchers on DeviantArt contributed with $1 today, this effort could be successful by tomorrow. Of course, I'm not expecting for this to happen, but it's still nice to imagine - and I'm sure that at least a few of you may be willing to pick up some slack. ;)

If you're not able to make a monetary contribution to her effort at this time, I would request that you spend just a little time spreading the word, reblogging her posts at, signal boosting this journal, and trying to find among your own watchers, friends, family and acquaintances, someone who could lend a helping hand to Kira.

Thank you so much for your attention!
I am currently holding an art giveaway on FurAffinity by occasion of reaching the 1,000 watcher milestone there! I'll be giving away drawings to three lucky watchers, so if you watch me there, you might want to take a look at it and enter the raffle!

Or, if you're a FurAffinity user but don't watch me there yet, this may be the perfect time to start doing so, right? Or not, it's your call, friend! Free drawings, tho. ;)
Oh boy. This may be a mistake, but here we go. Leave a comment below with a thing, name, title, subject, anything serious or silly, and I'll answer you honestly and truthfully!
... I stand by it. Really. If you comment on any of my works or requests for comments, I will reply eventually. If you're one to bother spending some of your precious time giving me feedback on my silly drawings, I will reward you by making time to write a personalized reaction to your comment. It may take a while - this is something that I usually do during dead times such as sitting in waiting rooms (or, er, somewhere else), but it will happen, sooner or later.

I usually try to make my replies proportional in thoughtfulness to your comments, which usually means that replies to brief comments will happen sooner, while I'll leave longer comments to be replied when I have actual time to sit down and write up something special to go with your kind (usually) words. That doesn't happen all that often, so several weeks could pass until I get to it. But it is the least I can do.

Now, thing is, except in some few special cases, I really can't afford to make conversation threads out of comment exchanges. It just doesn't make sense to me, and it distracts me from reaching as many people as I can with this policy. If you want to chat, then I'm available through many messaging channels - Discord, Telegram, Skype, Steam, not to mention email, and I'll be happy to give you my contact over a note so that we can stay in touch. I love making new friends!

What I really must ask people not to do, though, is to in a way or another, try to pressure me into replying to comments that they leave here. If a reply is warranted, then I'll get to it sooner or later. But whining that I haven't done it yet is really not cool, and if anything, makes me less eager to fulfill the same policy that so far has given me great results in connecting with my watchers, to the point of turning several of them into friends. Please don't do it, it makes baby Myke feel sad and lonely.

This is all I have to say. Don't be afraid to comment, I READ EVERYTHING AND REPLY TO EVERYONE. Oh, and by the way, if you watch me, I HAVE LOOKED AT YOUR PROFILE AND GALLERY, SENT YOU A LLAMA, AND IN MANY CASES, FAVED AND COMMENTED AT LEAST ONE OF YOUR WORKS (if you have any that appeal to me on an aesthetic or thematic level, regardless of skill). If you ask me for advice or critique, I WILL DO MY BEST TO HELP YOU. That's just how I roll. You give me the time of your day, I will do you right. Just keep on being awesome and we'll all get along. ;)
If there is something that I learned in my path as an illustrator, is that, for how gratifying it can be to be able to bring alive on a canvas, with a certain degree of accuracy, the visions you're able to conjure in your mind, it is also for many a path that can be filled with frustration, irritation, anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. Things seldom progress as fast as one would like, skill hurdles are frequent, recognition is elusive and based on criteria that may seem arbitrary or unfair, hard effort often goes without any tangible reward, and your aesthetic goals frequently feel like they'll be eternally out of reach. I may not have been at this for very long, and I may not know of all the kinds of woes artists can go through, but I've felt many of these things in my skin and in my mind. I know that the life of an illustrator is a struggle, and numerous are the times when I felt I could have used a word of encouragement, a useful insight, a helping hand from someone further along on this path than myself. And even if, along these years, I've been so lucky as to have plenty of friends who have been incredibly supportive towards me, I can't help but feel like I've played senpai to many, but I've never really had a senpai of my own to rely on.

As many of you know, I'm an older guy, and I've taken a lot from life (as dull as mine has arguably been). It is time to stop just consuming, and to give something back, to create, to inspire others. As such, I can't just be indifferent to the struggles of fellow illustrators, and I really wish I had the chance to alleviate the bad feelings that the path can bring upon those who walk upon it. By doing so, I'll be serving them, but also myself. My efforts to improve my skills, experience and notoriety, even if modest by the standards of professionals, are also validated by using them to help others who may not have walked as far on this path.

Thus, I ask you, who read this, and so probably follow my work and path: is there anything I can do to help? Do you have an artist friend who you feel is struggling in his walk along this road, and who could perhaps use a few words of encouragement, some constructive feedback from a fellow illustrator, someone who wishes a senpai would notice them? Perhaps it's yourself? Tell me, and I'll go and do my best to bring some sunshine to that person's day, and lend the helping hand that I know all of us can use sometimes.

People frequently tell me that my drawings are a positive influence in their lives. But I want to feel that influence in a more concrete, personal way. I want to be useful to someone. And if you help me help someone, I assure you that you'll also be helping me, so... thank you in advance. :)

Watched Beauty and the Beast (2017) today. I can’t say that I was very disappointed, since I wasn’t expecting a whole lot. However, I can say that my expectations were confirmed: this live action version definitely does not live up to the legacy of its 1991 animated counterpart. I found that practically everything that was added to the animated classic’s plot to stretch it to the Hollywood-mandated 120 minute run time was superfluous and screwed up the perfect pace of the story on the original. The additional songs were unnecessary and unmemorable and it tried too hard to visually outshine the old version, with some pretty serious visual clutter and SFX abuse (the “Be Our Guest” scene is a good example of this). Some new scenes were downright cringe-worthy, like the one with Belle teaching a young girl to read, only to have the EEEEEEEEVIL villagers punish and humiliate her for simultaneously daring to try to educate a woman AND innovating on clothes-washing. The additional backstory for Belle and her father was also superfluous and I feel that it actually took away from her character, who no longer stands on its own as a spontaneous shining beacon in a sea of ignorance, but is a product of her parents’ urban origin.

The single improvement I felt on this version versus the original was the rise of LeFou from pure comedic relief to an interesting, conflicted character; but even that was wasted on inconsequential, weak hesitations and objections and a too-late change of heart that ended up not adding or changing anything noteworthy to the plot.

Overall, the existence of this movie can’t really be justified on an artistic level based on the final result. Of course, there is the other justification to be considered, and that one seems to have paid off, handsomely and literally. I can only feel sorry for the many people who will watch this and use it as excuse to dismiss the 26 year old classic because, you know, hand-drawn animation is so 20th century. Sometimes, Disney, less is more. It is not a bad movie, by any means - the parts that imitate its masterpiece source material ensure that - but this one definitely won’t make the Academy Best Picture Award nominations.

Before you ask, let it not be said that I’m offering this opinion based on a bias against live action remakes of old Disney animated movies. I found The Jungle Book (2016) absolutely delightful and a big improvement on the original. Given this, I have my concerns over the upcoming remakes of movies like Mulan and The Lion King. Considering the fierceness of TLK fans in particular, I’m sure it won’t be a pretty scene if director Jon Favreau drops the ball on that one.

And if after this you still need something to convince of the validity of my opinion, please consider this: Emma Watson’s friggin’ autotune.

ATTENTION: Commissions are currently closed until further notice. This post is provided for informational purposes only.

This post serves as a hub for my commission information and queue control. If you have any doubts regarding my terms and conditions, feel free to comment here, and I'll reply as quickly as I can!

To get a commission from me, please send me a private message if you're interested and serious about it. I will only accept commission requests through private messages. Please indicate in your message the intended service level, specification of characters, detailed description of scene and pose (or concession of artistic freedom for the portrayal), links to visual references if available, and requests for optional features as established in the terms stated below, so that I am able to budget your order. A slot will only be reserved once the customer states their complete order and accepts my quote for its execution.

I will accept commission requests through the following message systems:
 - Email sent to
 - Private messages sent through DeviantArt, Tumblr or FurAffinity.

The commission queue will be shown and updated exclusively in this dA journal.

I'll accept orders for, and do my best to portray, any character that you may want me to draw, but please keep in mind that I have more experience with anthro creatures, humanoids, and ponies, and therefore better results can be expected for those kinds of characters.

- Base prices for a full body drawing of a single character with an existing design are, depending on the service level:
  - Line art: 30 EUR
  - Cel shaded: 45 EUR
  - Fully detailed: 60 EUR

- Included in these prices:
  - Simple clothing, if desired (Examples: casual pants or skirt with shirt and shoes; Simple sundress; Swimwear; Gym wear; Plain business or formal attire)
  - For the "fully detailed" service level, a simple abstract background made to match the character and scene's mood.

- Not included in these prices:
  - Original designs (defined as designs for which there is no pre-existing visual reference)
  - Elaborate garments and hair styles (For instance, but not limited to: armor, gala dresses, period clothing)
  - Mechanical designs.
  - Complicated accessories (jewelry, weapons, etc.).
  - Props (chairs, vehicles, etc.).
  - Complex backgrounds.

- All above elements can be included in the order upon negotiation of an additional charge that depends on their complexity, evaluated on a case-to-case basis.
- Upon request, I can draw multiple variations of the same drawing. For each variation on each character (including nude version, excluding exceptionally elaborate garments), add 20% extra over the base price of that character.
- For each additional character on the same drawing, add 75% extra over the base price.
- Subtract 20% from the price for a half body drawing (cut at mid thigh).
- Subtract 40% from the price for a bust drawing (cut at the chest).
- Add 25% to the price for sexually explicit portrayals. Mere nudity doesn't count for this as long as I deem it non-sexual in nature.

- Payment is to be made upon issuing of an invoice, and before execution of the drawing.
- Regardless of your place in the commission queue, I will only charge you when I'm ready to execute your piece. I will message you at such a time to confirm that you remain interested in my services.
- Execution of the work will only begin once payment is confirmed.
- Payment through Paypal only.
- The finished work will be signed by me, and I will reserve every right over it, including, but not limited to the right to use it as part of any of my galleries, exhibitions and portfolios.
- I will refund payment if for some reason I am unable to complete the job. No refunds will be performed for any other reason.

As for content guidelines, here are a few:

- Any character of any species and gender will be accepted. Best results can be expected for anthro creatures, humanoids and ponies.
No gore. Small wounds, scars and some visible blood are acceptable, but no bare flesh or internal organs.
- Fetish material and other non-specified questionable subjects can be refused at my discretion. Some examples of fetish subjects that I will refuse to portray are lolicon, scat, non-consensual intercourse, inflation and guro. I advise asking me about it before applying.

- By requesting a commission from me, you accept to abide by all rules and conditions above listed.

Here are a few examples of my work for the highest service levels:

- Cel shaded:

Get This Party Started by MykeGreywolf Anira by MykeGreywolf Echo the Bat by MykeGreywolf

- Fully detailed:

Commission: Amenii by MykeGreywolf Commission: Pillow Talk by MykeGreywolf The Ultimate Badass by MykeGreywolf

- Line art service corresponds to colorless versions of the cel shaded examples.

Current queue and progress:

Thank you for your preference and for your support!

Not one, but two packages that were on their way to me from abroad were today declared as “lost” by the Brazilian post, months after tracking showed that they had arrived in the country.

One was a Samson Meteor microphone that I had ordered from AliExpress, since all you can find in this country is overpriced crap. The other, though, is the one that really makes me furious and depressed over my powerlessness. A package that had been sent by my buddy Marcoon1305 containing a couple of model kits that he sent me last October hoping they would get to me before Christmas, and that regardless of the delay, I still hoped would make it to my hands. No more hope of that happening now.

This is the reality of this country. I can’t get nice things, and there’s little to nothing that I can do about it, other than travelling abroad to get the things that I want/need myself, which really isn’t an option for anyone other than the richest people who live here.

I chose this shit. I hate myself so much for this. I want to go home more than anything else, but I’m stuck here by invisible chains, and my family circumstances mean that I see no way things may change in the foreseeable future.

FML. has spoken, and the numbers are in! Here are the results of my 4,000 DA Watcher Art Giveway Raffle!

In total, 56 people entered, generating a total of 187 numbers. MelodicStream got the most numbers with 9, and 6 entrants entered with only 1 number.

In the end, the first four numbers in the generated random sequence belonged to the following users:

- spyrofuckingcynder
- SSJSoujiro
- FairDahlia 
- whitescar

Congratulations to these four lucky winners who each get one bust-up, hard-shaded character portrait! I'll get in touch with you through a private note soon, to know which character I should portray for you!

For more information on the tallying of numbers and to see the drawing sequence (including runners-up), you can click this link to see the spreadsheet where I kept track of all of it.

To the rest, I must thank for your enthusiastic participation, and please look forward to these upcoming follower milestones, for which I will almost certainly be doing similar giveaways, exclusive for my followers in the respective sites:
- 3,000 Tumblr followers
- 1,000 FurAffinity followers
- And, of course, 5,000 DA watchers. I hope to be able to count on your preference until then! ;)

Last night I reached 4,000 DeviantArt watchers! With the help of all of you, I'm now closer to the degree of notoriety and exposure that could allow me to provide for myself and even my family with my artwork. There is still a long, long way to go until I get there, but I can't let this moment go by without taking the chance to thank all of my watchers by giving you the thing you signed up as my watchers to see - drawings!

Of course, I already try my best almost every day to create drawings that are appealing to you, but on this occasion I'll be giving away personalized character drawings to four of you, who I'll be choosing by means of a raffle! Interested yet? ;)

So here are the conditions for entering this raffle. READ CAREFULLY, PLEASE!

  • Only my DeviantArt watchers can enter this raffle. New watchers are welcome, of course, but you do need to be my watcher at the time I draw the winning numbers, or it's a no-go.
  • Accounts that have no significant activity in DA other than entering giveaways will be disqualified. I know you're not one of those, but just in case!
  • Each watcher may acquire multiple numbers for entering the raffle. The more numbers you get, the better odds you'll have to win one of the prizes! Here is how to get your numbers:
    • The first number must be acquired by commenting on this journal. Do that and you'll be in the raffle. But there's more!
    • Another number can be acquired by either adding this journal to your favourites or creating your own journal entry linking to this giveaway. You can do both, but you’ll only get one number for it - I just wanted to give people this option. If you choose to create a journal entry, be sure to link to it on your comment here.
    • More numbers can be acquired if you can prove in your comment that you are my follower on any of the following sites and social networks (one number per site). I WILL CHECK!
    • You can get up to three extra numbers by having other entrants refer you in their entry comments, one number for each user that refers you. Go and spread the word, or offer a number to someone you love! Each entry can only refer one other user, and the referred user must also have entered on their own for this to count.
  • Entries will be accepted until the end of January 31, 2017, Brasília time (UTC-2)
  • Both the tallying of the numbers assigned to each user, and the drawing of the four winning numbers will be performed on February 1, 2017.
  • Only one prize per user. Numbers will be drawn until numbers assigned to four different users are obtained.
  • The four winners will be announced publicly in a journal on my profile, and contacted by personal note for settling the details of their prize. If no reply to this note is received within 5 days of sending, it will be considered that this person forfeited their prize, and a new winning number will be drawn to replace them.
  • Each prize consists of a bust-up, hard shaded portrait of a single character of the winner’s choosing, and will be executed in the order of the replies to the sent notes, at a time of my convenience.

There you go! Thank you for all of your support, I hope you’ll continue to enjoy my work, and I’ll be looking forward to your entries! Good luck!
Just drawing pissed off sunbutt! Come keep me company!
(This offer is now closed)

Since my DA Core Membership is nearly running out, I'm offering a single special commission slot to whoever can buy me a one year extension for my Core Membership. First comment on this post accepting the terms of this exchange, gets the drawing.

The offered drawing is a single character, fully rendered, full body portrait, any species, nude or with a simple outfit, and with a simple abstract background. All in all, it should conform to DA's content guidelines. Here are some examples of the level of service that should be expected:

Mature Content

Gift: Eve by MykeGreywolf
YCH Commission: Nikki (variant 1) by MykeGreywolf Stream Prize: The Wrong Bikini by MykeGreywolf
FairDahlia is a fantastic artist who I feel does not have enough of a following here in DA, so I took it to myself to promote her work with a dedicated journal. I've been lucky enough to have her as a friend of mine and to have had the opportunity of following her artistic path for the last couple of years or so, and her improvement has been amazing, to say the least. She brings to her character portrayals a really warm, soothing feel that I believe to be unique, and it's not for nothing that among our common circles, she is known as "The Oracle of Cute".

Here are a few of my favorite pieces by her which I think are representative of her recent work. Please take a look, and if you feel they're your cup of tea, you couldn't do much better than give her a watch! Thank you for your attention.

Independent by FairDahlia
Flirtatious by FairDahlia
Rose Quartz by FairDahlia
No Pain, No Gain by FairDahlia
Sunset Study by FairDahlia
Drawing a bunch of SEGA characters for an ensemble piece. Join me maybe? ;)
I'm looking to make a companion piece to this one:

Sunset's Team by MykeGreywolf

So I'm asking for your suggestions about which six Pokémon to include on Twilight Sparkle's team! I would think that it would be a little more balanced than Sunset's selection, given Twilight's more theoretical approach to Pokémon selection, but I'm open to themed teams as well.

Oh, regardless of the suggestions, Espeon is a must, so there you go. ;)
I'm really happy to announce that thanks to the will and incentive of my Patreon supporters, I have finally started work on the Musteladies comic! As of now, I have a draft for the entirety of the first chapter, which I'm going to proceed to turn into a comic script over the next few days. This chapter is an introduction to just two of the main characters, Mel and Nat, and will be enough to keep me busy for a few months, I think. All you Liz, Kim and Jen fans will have to wait a little while longer for them to be introduced into the story, I'm afraid; But fret not: until their introduction, I will give them special attention in illustrations, so that you won't have to go too long without those three QT's. ;)

I have also completed the first page of the comic, which I'm not going to publish yet, since I want to have a buffer of about six pages ready before I start publication. However, if you're not patient enough to wait for that to happen, know that all my Patreon supporters will have immediate access to every completed page as soon as it's done. I expect the Patreon publication to keep on running five or six pages ahead of every other site, so you can count on that advantage should you decide to support me with any amount starting at $1/month - aside from all the other perks I offer, including access to work files, voting for personal project prioritization, and pitching your own projects for patrons to vote on. Interested yet? Click here and join the club!